Looker Analytics
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Looker Analytics ETL & Database Managed Service from MJR Analytics

Looker Analytics ETL & Database Managed Service from MJR Analytics


You’ve delivered your first dashboards and your business users love Looker … so now the real work begins.

You chose Looker for use across your whole business and to connect all of your marketing, sales and customer application data sources, and the price of success for your initial rollout is the time you’ll need to set-aside for training, enabling and running more complex analysis for your business users.

Your marketing team need data brought in from Hubspot, Google Analytics and Facebook Ads, while Customer Success would like a dashboard that combines support ticket data from Zendesk, renewal confirmations from Xero and up-to-date contract information from Salesforce. Integrating SaaS data sources either means finding engineering resources to do the work manually or paying for new tooling that you’ve no budget for, leaving you with the problem - how do we deliver Looker across the business, connect all data sources and support it all?

Looker Analytics ETL & Database Managed Service from MJR Analytics

  • Monthly package of services providing fractional or full-time access to MJR resources split across development, ad-hoc analyst support, maintenance and integrating new data sources

  • Includes access to Fivetran managed data replication service and all data sources / target warehouses

  • Remote delivery via Slack, JIRA, Hangouts etc with monthly goals set in a session led by Mark Rittman

  • Pricing based on hours/skills anticipated, rolling renewal each month but cancellable at any time

Benefits compared to our on-demand, one-off development sprints include

  • Balances delivery of new content with support and maintenance of what’s already built

  • Connects your SaaS data sources into Looker without the need to license additional software

  • Takes care of maintaining your entire Looker platform including ETL and cloud analytic database

  • Provides you and your business with a longer-term roadmap and achievable plan for full Looker roll-out

  • Typically lower-cost than ad-hoc delivery sprints and cancellable at any time